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Colonial, antique reproduction furniture from Indonesian solid mahogany wood.


colonial bed
colonial bed headboard
colonial bookcase 4,4
colonial bookshelf 5
colonial bookshelf 4
colonial bookshelf 5w
colonial bedside S
Colonial bedside 2 drawers, shelf
Colonial bedside, 1 drawer, 1 door
Colonial bookshelf, 2 drawers
Colonial bedside, classic furniture
Colonial Butler`s tray
Colonial furniture, barley valet
Colonial valet
Colonial admiralty armchair
Colonial admiralty dining chair
Colonial bookcase, 2
Colonial bookcase, 3
Colonial small vetrine
Colonial chest, heavy carved, wide
Colonial chest, heavy carved, tall
Colonial bedside 3 drawers
Colonial chest of 7 drawers
Colonial chest of 3 drawers
Colonial chest of 6 drawers
Colonial chest of 4 drawers
Colonial rocking chair with stool
Colonial chiffonier 2 doors
Colonial chiffonier 3 doors
Colonial armchair
Colonial mirror, handcarved
Colonial captain chair
Colonial rocking chair, solid mahogany wood
Colonial armchair
Colonial dining chair
Colonial desk chair GF
Colonial desk chair GB
Colonial coffee table 2 dw
Colonial coffee table 110
Colonial glass vetrine
Colonial glass side table
Colonial office desk 155 single
Colonial office desk single
Colonial partner desk 160
Colonial davenport desk
Colonial office desk full drawers 170 single
Colonial dining table 180
Colonial rocking horse
Colonial hallstand A
Colonial hallstand F
Colonial lyre table
Colonial vertical mirror
Shaving mirror
Colonial cheval mirror
Magazine rack B
Magazine rack C
Magazine rack M
Colonial round table 130
Colonial wall rack C
Colonial sideboard 17
Colonial sideboard 37
Colonial cheval mirror wide
Colonial sideboard mirrors
Colonial sofa GA
Colonial plantstand round
Colonial sofa pandi chair
Colonial sofa pandi 2 seater
Colonial sofa pandi 3 seater
Colonial server table 3 drawers
Colonial side table
Colonial side table rattan shelves
Colonial dining table oval 165
Colonial dining table oval 185
Colonial table santo
Colonial tea table glass
Colonial tea trolley
Colonial tea trolley swan
Colonial tea trolley pockets
Colonial tv cabinet 26
Colonial tv cabinet 2 dw
Colonial tv cabinet 5 dw 2 d
Colonial tv cabinet glass
Colonial tv cabinet 321
Colonial tv cabinet 2d 3
Colonial tv cabinet 210
Colonial tv cabinet kecil
Colonial tv cabinet 2d
Colonial vanity table
Colonial wardrobe 5 dw 1 d
Colonial simple wardrobe
Colonial wardrobe 170
Colonial wall shelf
Colonial writing table 2 dw
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