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Empire - biedermeier furniture, from the mahogany wood furniture manufacture, Jepara, Indonesia.


empire blanket box 2
empire bookcase 2.2
sofa empire
empire bookcase 22 G
empire bookcase 33 G
empire bookshelf 4
empire bed
empire bed headboard
empire bookshelf 5w
empire bedside 1d
empire bedside glass
empire bedside 1.1
empire glass bookshelf tray center
empire book through a5
empire desk chair
empire dining armchair biola
empire dining chair biola
biedermeier stool wooden
empire chest of drawers 12
biedermeier chest of drawers 6
biedermeier chest of drawers 4
biedermeier oval dining chair
empire desk armchair
biedermeier dining chair R
biedermeier dining armchair R
empire dining raffles chair 88
empire dining raffles armchair 88
biedermeier dining chair slat
biedermeier dining armchair slat
empire desk chair SW
empire coffee table 3 drawers
empire coffee table 8 drawers
biedermeier coffee table NH glass O
biedermeier coffee table NH glass S
coffee table glass empire 65
coffee table glass empire
empire side table 60
empire tv cabinet compact
empire office desk single 155
empire partner desk 180
empire partner desk 170
empire office desk single 160 A
empire office desk single 180
empire dining table pedestal 240
empire dining table 180
empire fire surround
empire herb cabinet
empire hallstand
hall table biedermeier 1
hall table biedermeier 2
empire lingerie chest 4d
empire lingerie chest 6d
empire lingerie chest 8d
empire lingerie chest 10d
empire lyre table
empire mirror 50
empire mirror 100
biedermeier dining table pedestal
biedermeier round table 90
empire bedside
empire shoe cabinet
empire stool king
empire escritoire cabinet
empire stool castor
empire stool 2s
empire stool 90
biedermeier table 75
empire tv cabinet L
empire vanity
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